A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books.
Chinese Proverb

I help business owners reach their full potential by thinking outside of the box.

It’s easy to get so focused on running your business that you lose sight of how much things are changing in the world of marketing and consumer behaviour. Brand new opportunities to reach your ideal customers are popping up all the time and if you’re not keeping up to date with everything that’s happening in the digital world it could mean that you’re losing a heap of potential customers to your competitors.

This is where I come in... I help business owners who want to reach their full potential. Business owners who want to access the brand-new opportunities that are out there to get new customers. Business owners who like to think outside of the box and are comfortable with having an unfair advantage.

If that sounds like you, I can give you the clarity, strategy and perspective to find new customers and rapidly grow your business. No more excuses. No more having to do it all on your own. From stuck and unclear to focused and unstoppable.

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"Daniel has absolutely changed the course of my business by increasing turnover by over 300%. In addition to that he has brought numerous systems and technological aspects that have helped streamline not only my work-life but home-life as well. I would thoroughly recommend engaging Daniel to review, audit and support your business."
- Darryn Hall, Founder and Director, In2work and Konektor Apps

“Daniel da Silva Lay is an insightful and intelligent man with a passion and talent for all things business. His “out of the box” thinking has taken our start up to a profitable company that continues to go from strength to strength. With Daniel behind My Business Garage, you can be guaranteed it will take your company wherever you want it to go!”
- Samantha Peters, General Manager and Co-owner, Fitted Out